Old Fort, North Carolina "Gateway to the Blue ridge"

The train always stopped here. For many years, travelers through these mountains looked for the familiar sight of a tall, hand-carved arrowhead in front of the depot, signaling a stop in the historic town of Old Fort. A town committed to preserving it's heritage, and having some fun along the way. Old Fort is still a welcoming stop. As one of the oldest towns in the region, it prides itself on it's historic roots. Originally a fort built by the colonial militia before the Declaration of Independence, the settlement served for many years as the western outpost of the early United States. In those days, it was also the site of many skirmishes between pioneer settlers and Native Americans. Much of the fighting, in fact, took place on the banks of Mill Creek, which runs through the center of town. Many years later, a monument was built to the peace finally made between the two peoples: the trademark arrowhead, over 25 feet tall, hand-chiseled from a large slab of granite stands next to our depot.

With help from the Chamber of Commerce Old Fort had their 4th of July Fireworks again after 8 years without. Click on this link to view the Grand Finale!

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